Tuesday Insight – April 11, 2016

GSA May Make Industry Participation in Data Reporting Pilot Optional – GSA is considering whether to remove a mandate requiring industry partners seeking or renewing a schedule to participate in its Transactional Data Reporting pilot. To understand how TDR may...

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Tuesday Insight – April 4, 2016

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Revoked – On Monday, March 27, 2017, President Trump signed House Joint Resolution 37, repealing and nullifying the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces final rule issued last August, implementing President Obama’s Executive Order 13673...

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Tuesday Insight – March 28, 2017

GSA MAS Updates Planned for Spring 2017.  On March 22, GSA held a Webinar to outline the upcoming Refresh/Mass Mod for All GSA Schedules to Incorporate Clause and Provision Updates, including Small Business Subcontracting Improvements.   For more information ask your...

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Tuesday Insight – March 21, 2017

Bill Gormley, President of The Gormley Group, the leading GSA Schedule Consulting Group, shares his thoughts on “off the Shelf” about the opportunities and challenges facing the transition’s new procurement leadership team. Download the...

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