GSA Schedule Sales 2018

The attached details fiscal year 2018 GSA Schedule sales by Schedule.   Once again the GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 Contract is the largest of all Schedules in terms of sales followed by the Professional Services Schedule.   The GSA...

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Tuesday Insight – December 11, 2018

Digital Certificate Requirements for new IFF Reporting System - All GSA Contractors that currently complete their GSA Sales Reports and pay their Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) through the 72A on-line sales portal will be migrated in 2019 to the FAS sales reporting...

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Tuesday Insight – December 4, 2018

GSA will rollout schedules reform plan through fiscal 2020 - The General Services Administration’s sweeping plan to consolidate 24 acquisition schedules into a single vehicle will play out over the next two years and will offer contractors a standard set of terms and...

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Tuesday Insight – November 27, 2017

Report: Federal Use of GSA’s IT Schedule 70 Vehicle to Rise in Fiscal 2019  -  The federal government’s use of the General Services Administration’s Information Technology Schedule 70 to buy IT platforms and services is expected to increase in fiscal 2019 as agencies...

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Tuesday Insight – November 20, 2018

GSA consolidates cybersecurity vehicles into a single, expansive contract - Citing the expanding role of cybersecurity in safeguarding federal networks, the General Services Administration said late Wednesday that it is consolidating its cybersecurity services...

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Trade Agreement Act Countries – August 2018

Under 19 USC 2501 Trade Agreements Act agencies may only acquire US-made or designated country end products or US or designated country services. Products/services offered under the VA Schedule Program that are end products/services of countries other than the United...

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