REMINDER: To be in full compliance with the MAS Consolidation requirements, all contractors must complete these two important steps:

1. Update their catalog listing in GSA Advantage
2. Update their GSA Price List (text file)

GSA will remove your pricelist catalog from GSA Advantage, the listing in eLibrary, and access to the eBuy system if the updates to include the new consolidated SIN numbers are not updated prior to March 31, 2021. Also, in updating your GSA pricelist (Text File) use the MAS and Consolidation Price List Guide (with TGG edits) to help organize your contract offerings under the new SIN structure. Please take the steps outlined in the SIP/EDI Catalog Update Guide to ensure there is no disruption to your catalog status or access to eTools or contact The Gormley Group at 202-833-1120 if you need any assistance. Ensuring this information is up to date is a contract requirement.

Please remember that all GSA pricelist catalog submissions must be approved by your CO before the March 31, 2020 deadline, so please submit as early as possible.