GSA and VA Schedule Sales 2020

The link details Government Fiscal Year (GFY) 2020 GSA Schedule sales by Schedule, please note that GSA consolidated all the Schedules into a single GSA MAS Schedule contract in August of 2020 an some sales were reported under MAS which is the new consolidated MAS... read more

GSA and VA Schedule Sales 2019

GSA Schedule Sales GFY 2019 Schedule   Sales Amount 70 Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services $15,450,284,811 00CORP Professional Services Schedule $9,707,808,996 84 Security, Fire, Law Enforcement $1,424,711,993 71 Furniture $867,556,318 51V... read more

GSA and VA Schedule Sales 2018

The attached details fiscal year 2018 GSA Schedule sales by Schedule.   Once again the GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 Contract is the largest of all Schedules in terms of sales followed by the Professional Services Schedule.   The GSA... read more

GSA and VA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) List

GSA MAS Schedule Contract The GSA MAS Schedule program in August 2020, consolidated 24 separate MAS Schedule contract types down to a single MAS Schedule.  The consolidated GSA MAS Schedule is made up of twelve (12) large categories and Special Item Numbers (SINs),... read more