The Gormley Group’s Contract Compliance Risk Analysis

CONTRACT COMPLIANCE RISK ANALYSIS The best way to make sure your company is prepared is to conduct regular self-audits.  Not only do these identify potential trouble areas, they demonstrate responsibility.  Both factors can be key in eliminating or containing any... read more

Small Business Size Standards – August 2019

The United States Small Business Administration maintains a detailed Table which documents the small business size standards of companies in all industries.  The size standard in many cases is classified by revenue, but in some cases is determined by number of... read more

GSA and VA Schedule Sales 2019

GSA Schedule Sales GFY 2019 Schedule   Sales Amount 70 Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services $15,450,284,811 00CORP Professional Services Schedule $9,707,808,996 84 Security, Fire, Law Enforcement $1,424,711,993 71 Furniture $867,556,318 51V... read more

GSA’s Contractor Assessments

GSA’s Contractor Assessments  As GSA contractor you can expect a review or “assessment” by a GSA official of the performance of your contract to ensure that the contractual requirements have been met. The official is an “Industrial Operations Analyst” and GSA has a... read more

MAS Modification Final Guidance

On March 6, 2020 announced that the MAS Modification Guidance was final and ready for use by contractors that have accepted the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod. MAS Modification Guidance RFI Findings The final MAS Modification Guidance was put together with industry’s... read more

Understanding the Challenges of GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule Business is Big Business Hundreds of companies make millions of dollars every year providing their services and products to the government through a General Services Administration (GSA) or Veterans Affairs (VA) multiple-award schedule contract. Some of... read more