What Do GSA Schedule Contractors Need to Know about the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Consolidation?


Will the Consolidation impact my company?

Yes. Consolidation of the GSA’s current 24 Schedule into a single platform is one of several initiatives the agency is pursuing to modernize the program. Consolidation will involve streamlining and changing some terms and conditions of all existing Schedule contracts. Ultimately, all contractors will convert to the new solicitation, even if they currently hold only one MAS contract. In addition to changing the solicitation document itself, as GSA realigns program, companies with multiple contracts might expect some reassignments of contracts to different contracting officers.

When should I expect GSA to initiate changes to my current contract?

GSA is developing the new program-wide solicitation now. Existing contractors should expect to see the new solicitation before the end of 2019. Companies with only a single contract will receive a request for a mass modification first. Companies that have multiple GSA Schedule contracts should expect GSA to migrate those contracts to the new solicitation thereafter, likely early in calendar year 2020.

Is there anything that my company should do now in anticipation of the coming changes?

Yes, absolutely. Contact TGG to:

  • Stay informed of GSA changes. TGG will continue to update our website to post changes and commentary on the potential impact on GSA schedule contractors and prospective contractors. GSA will also use its website, GSA Interact to post relevant information and dates.
  • Review your current contract to assure that there are no administrative impediments that might interfere with a prompt transition to the new schedule.
  • Review existing task orders, BPA’s and teaming arrangements to determine if coming changes could impact existing business
  • Fast track any modifications to your current contract needed to optimize product/service offerings, improve product/service descriptions or otherwise position your company for sales in a newly restructured GSA Schedules environment.
  • Refresh your eBuy profile as well as your content on GSA Advantage!

TGG has expertise to help contractors navigate these important changes that have the potential of increasing your sales in the federal market. TGG clients can contact their consultants for additional assistance and information. Non-clients can contact the Gormley Group at 202.833.1120.