Insight Newsletter – September 20, 2016

Sep 20, 2016

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This week’s feature story comes from the Federal Times!

Shutdown Survivors Brace for Repeat

When it comes to fulfilling one of the key elements of its job — funding federal operations — Congress gets an F.

Once again, the new fiscal year (Oct. 1) is fast approaching, and once again the House and Senate are squabbling, both internally and with each other, about budgets. Or lack of the same. The threat of a full or partial government shutdown was mostly that, political bluff. But in 1995-96, it happened, surprising both political parties. Republicans took most of the political heat and it wasn’t until 2013 that there was another shutdown. The main impact was to anger taxpayers, shut down many government sites and operations, and give “nonemergency” employees, more than a million people, a paid vacation.

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