Berkeley Research Group, LLC

Berkeley Research Group, LLC, is a leading global strategic advisory and expert services firm that provides independent expert testimony, litigation and regulatory support, authoritative studies, strategic advice, and document and data analytics to major law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and regulatory bodies around the world.

BirchGrove Consulting, LLC

BirchGrove Consulting, LLC, is an agile, veteran-owned market research firm, led by Ray Bjorklund. Ray has more than four decades hands-on experience in Federal IT program management and procurement processes. BirchGrove provides customized market analysis process to meet your needs, from definition and segmentation to sizing and forecasting, in over a dozen federal domains.

The Coalition for Government Procurement

The Coalition for Government Procurement is the single most effective voice for commercial service and product companies selling in the federal market. For 35 years, the Coalition has brought together public and private sector procurement leaders to work towards the mutual goal of common sense acquisition. Members have access to the latest federal compliance and policy information, which serves as the foundation of a successful government business.


RiverGroup is a premier business development consulting firm focused on helping chief executives increase profitable business through government markets. Using a team of the very best experts RiverGroup provides experience in developing and executing focused strategies in areas such as Government Business Development/Government Marketing; Lobbying and Government Affairs/Government Relations; Government Research and Development (R&D) Funding Programs; International Marketing and Import/Export Controls.

Thomas H Walker Consultants

Thomas H Walker Consultants, LLC, is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting private sector firms and government agencies in real estate and facilities related issues, primarily with the US General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service. The firm has a number of retired GSA personnel and private sector real estate professionals in various real estate related disciplines, including leasing, property management, disposal, real estate finance, construction management, disposal, and legal services available to utilize or refer clients to as needed on a contract basis.

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