GSA MAS Consolidation Phase 3 Deadline Quickly Approaching

Aug 3, 2021

GSA Phase 3 Consolidation plans for those vendors with more than one current GSA Schedule is due December 31, 2021. Again this requirement only applies to those vendors with more than one GSA Schedule contract and is important to start the consolidation process as early as possible by submitting the consolidation plan to GSA. This plan consists of a letter outlining the vendors contract consolidation plans and a completed GSA Phase 3 checklist. The process includes coordinating with all Contracting Officers (COs), completing and providing a consolidation plan and GSA Phase 3 checklist to all COs, approval of the consolidation plan by GSA and other steps before completion of the contract consolidation including submission of modifications to move SINs and offerings to the surviving contract.

Please note, GSA will not allow for any Phase 3 modifications to be approved without a completed, submitted and approved consolidation plan. GSA right now is only asking for the consolidation plan and Phase 3 checklist be provided and final steps towards contract consolidation will be completed later with the GSA CO managing the surviving contract. GSA has indicated it may take two to five years to complete all vendor contract consolidations due to issues such as active long term GSA Schedule Blanket Purchase Agreements with Federal customers.

Please reach out to The Gormley Group to guide and assist you with the Phase 3 consolidation if you have yet to start the process or review our overview of the consolidation process.

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