BRG and The Gormley Group Webinar: Grow Your Mission Opportunities by Receiving United States Government Contracts

Aug 11, 2021

Look to GSA’s +$50 Billion Schedules Program

The federal government’s total contract spending reached $682 billion in fiscal year 2020, a 14 percent increase from FY 2019 spending of $599 billion. Nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and not-for-profits (NFPs) that want to increase opportunities and funding are looking toward contracts as a way to expand their efforts.

NGOs and NFP organizations should consider the breadth of potential opportunities in furthering their respective missions through relationships with the United States government (USG) by receiving USG awards of prime contracts and grants.

In this webinar, Ryan Byrd of BRG will join Dawn Handy, Rob VanGorder, and Bill Gormley of The Gormley Group to discuss the GSA Schedules Program.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • A snapshot of the NGO/NFP Federal Marketplace
  • Who is eligible for a Schedule contract?
  • What are the basic Schedule contract requirements?
  • Ten steps to get a Schedule contract
  • Schedule contract compliance

Webinar to be held September 2, 2021 from Noon EST to 1pm EST.

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