Tuesday Insight – August 24th, 2021: Potential Changes to the GSA Packaged Furniture Program

Aug 25, 2021

BACKGROUND: In March 2021, the GSA Office of the Inspector General released the report detailing their findings after an audit of the GSA Packaged Office Furniture SIN 33721P. Since the release of that audit report, the GSA Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center that manages the contracts under the packaged SINs has been evaluating the findings and developing proposed solutions or changes to address the auditors’ concerns. This evaluation included survey feedback collected from furniture suppliers in June 2021.

The GSA Quality Partnership Council will host a webinar to be help September 2, 2021 (starting 2pm EST) to discuss possible changes with industry based on survey feedback provided to GSA since the audit report was released. For additional background and commentary on possible changes, TGG encourages impacted Furniture clients to review feedback provided to GSA by the Coalition for Government Procurement prior to participating in the webinar. The current format of the program has been a success for more than 25 years for both the manufacturing and dealer community that have participated under the Package Office Furniture SIN. Federal ordering agencies have increased purchases under the SIN from $12 million in 2000 to more than $155 million last year and agencies also benefit from direct purchasing from small business dealers in meeting subcontracting plan goals.

For additional questions please reach out to TGG or your TGG consultant directly.

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