GSA through Refresh 12 introduced the following new SIN under the Information Technology Category: 518210FM – Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Core Financial Management (FM) Solutions and IT Professional Services. The SIN is defined as the Includes Core Financial Management Solutions (Core FS) and Financial Management (FM) services and solutions that are complementary to or augment Core FS and/or support agency modernizations. Offerings include financial management software suites in a cloud environment; services, applications, and modules that help agencies adopt FM QSMO solutions; and IT professional services and/or labor categories, software, cloud computing and IT training that support FM QSMO adoption.

To add this SIN to the contract GSA provides additional SIN subgroup requirements, please visit Financial Management Capabilities Framework (FMCF) website at the following link:

SIN 518210FM Subgroups Include:

1. Core Financial Management Solutions (Core FS) – partially pre-configured commercial financial
management software suites offered in a cloud environment. Core FS offerings that are determined
acceptable to meet or exceed Core FS functionality scope and Financial Management Capability
Framework (FMCF) standards and that can accommodate agency-specific business needs.
Items within scope of this subgroup: cloud computing services.

2. Additional Financial Management (FM) Solutions – business capabilities that augment those provided by the Core FS Baseline Solution and have a direct correlation to one or more Federal Financial Management (FFM) functions or activities. Includes cost management solutions, reporting tools, business information exchange (BIE) solutions, FM business analytics and intelligence. Items within scope of this subgroup: products and professional services/labor categories.

3. Financial Management (FM) Service/Solution Adoption and Transition Services – service in identifying, selecting, acquiring, migrating to, and using FM QSMO Marketplace offerings effectively and efficiently. These services may also be needed when extensive or complex FM solution/service changes are released, or significant functionality is removed. Includes strategy and planning, FM data conversion and migration, IV&V, readiness assessments, integration support, project management, and FM solution/service testing.  Items within scope of this subgroup: products and professional services/labor categories.

4. Financial Management (FM) Technology Operations Support Services – support and assist with technology implementation and operations. Includes FM technology development, testing, implementation, operations, and maintenance support, information exchanges between FM solutions and services and agency mission systems, service desk, related ancillary training, and support for legacy core financial systems.
Items within scope of this subgroup: products, training and professional services/labor categories

Offerors may request to be placed in any of the subgroups. Being awarded specific subgroups is dependent on passing the technical evaluation.

Please read in detail the Solicitation Code F: Information Technology document and the GSA Interact post on the new SIN.  Note the requirements to add this SIN to your GSA Schedule contract are extensive, feel free to each out to TGG with any questions related to this new SIN.