Tuesday Insight – May 24, 2022: Don’t Have Two Years of Corporate Experience to Get on Schedule? Consider the Startup Springboard!

May 31, 2022

For years, GSA heard from industry partners that unique government practices such as the two-year corporate experience requirement for becoming a schedule contractor can be a barrier for small businesses, and particularly challenging for startups. The Startup Springboard, previously only for IT-related offerings, is expanding to all MAS large categories.

Starting May 16, 2022, the MAS solicitation and eOffer allows any potential offeror with less than two years corporate experience to submit an offer for a MAS contract by:

  • Using the professional experience of their executives and key personnel as a substitute for having two years of corporate experience.
  • Using the project experience of key personnel as a substitute for having relevant corporate past performance.
  • Providing financial documentation that demonstrates the company’s financial responsibility in lieu of submitting two years of financial statements.

MAS seeks to encourage any new, innovative business to join the program by expanding the Startup Springboard initiative – now, any type of offerings are welcome! e Polaris solicitation itself and opening up the submission portal for bidders to send in their offers.

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