GSA Retiring SIN 561210FS Facilities Support Services – What you Need to Know

Jun 20, 2022

GSA announced on April 21, 2022, in the Advanced Notice for MAS solicitation Refresh #12, that SIN 561210FS (Facilities Support Services) would be retired on or about June 30, 2022. MAS Refresh #12, which was published on May 16, 2022, included a note in the Facilities Large Category Attachment that the SIN was being retired on June 30, 2022.
GSA is retiring the SIN because it shares the same NAICS as SIN 561210FAC (Facilities Maintenance and Management), and the scope of the two SINs are similar enough to be a source of confusion to some GSA customers. The SIN will be terminated from every GSA contract holding that SIN via a mass modification, which GSA will issue shortly after Refresh #13 is published on June 30, 2022.

On June 14, 2022, GSA sent an email to companies with SIN 561210FS describing the process for transitioning to the new facilities SIN. These contractors must submit a complete Add SIN modification package in order to add SIN 561210FAC to their contract with no concessions for contractors with the legacy SIN. Unlike when previous SINs were retired/replaced and GSA automatically updated the contractor’s SIN offerings to the replacement SIN, this time they are asking for a complete mod package to transition to SIN 561210FAC including two technical proposal write-ups.

It is advisable that contractors with SIN 561210FS that intend to add SIN 561210FAC to their contract delay accepting the Refresh #13 mass mod until GSA is close to awarding the new SIN to the contract.

It should also be noted that as of June 15, 2022, SIN 561210FS will no longer be visible in GSA eBuy, so no new RFQs will be issued under the SIN. In addition, the Facilities Category representatives are working to contact all ordering agencies who have active RFQs in eBuy under SIN 561210FS to ensure they are aware of the pending SIN retirement.

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