Tuesday Insight – September 6th, 2022: GSA MAS Offer Submission Process Request for Information (RFI) Findings Now Available

Sep 22, 2022

SA thanks industry stakeholders who responded to the RFI on the MAS Offer Submission Process which closed on June 30, 2022. GSA received a total of 89 completed responses from current Schedule holders, most of which were small businesses. Your thoughts and ideas directly support our effort to create a new supplier portal that will replace eOffer, making it easier for qualified suppliers to submit offers to get on MAS.

Overall, the three main takeaways from the RFI feedback are:

  1. The RFI has highlighted both strengths and weaknesses of the current offer submission process that our team will address to bring clarity to the system implementation.
  2. Industry supports the plans to improve the offer submission process.
  3. Industry supports mandatory acceptance of MAS solicitation refreshes for offers in progress.

The Offer Submission Paths results show that:

  • 77% of participants currently feel the offer submission paths are clear.
  • 97% agree with having separate offer submission paths for standard offers, streamlined offers, and startup springboard offers.
  • 95% agree with having separate offer paths for Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) and Non-TDR contracts.
  • 90% agree with having a separate path for Joint Ventures (JV) to address specific JV requirements.
  • 90% agree that the offer submission paths will result in more accurate and complete offer submissions.

Industry’s feedback on the Offer Submission Steps show that:

  • 76% said the steps were clear and about 78% said they agreed with the steps.
  • Nearly 98% said they agreed with having offer submission requirements identified by item type, e.g. products only, services only, and both products and services.
  • 92% agree the steps are aligned with the provision SCP-FSS-001 Instructions Applicable to all Offerors and other MAS requirements.
  • About 90% said they believe that the offer submission steps will result in more accurate and complete offer submissions.
  • 85% said they agree with the approach to combine requirements of the CSP-1 and I-FSS-972 Preparation of Offer (Multiple Award Schedule) into the Special Item Number (SIN) selection module in the “to be” state for non-TDR offers.
  • 97% agree with requiring all offers in progress to accept the most current refresh prior to offer submission and contract award.

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