Tuesday Insight – December 6th, 2022: CGP Discusses TDR as the “Next Logical Step” in the Evolution of the MAS Program

Dec 7, 2022

Roger Waldron, President of the Coalition For Government Procurement (CGP), appeared on Fedscoop’s Daily Scoop podcast to discuss Transactional Data Reporting (TDR), calling it the “next logical step” in the evolution of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule program. In the interview, Waldron emphasized that TDR—which requires contractors to report monthly Schedule sales data in lieu of complying with the Price Reduction Clause (PRC)—provides the government with more relevant information and lower prices, while also reducing burdens on contractors and improving competition. Waldron also noted that TDR could help improve supply chain resilience and national security.

Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Commissioner Sonny Hashmi has stated that FAS plans to continue the current TDR pilot, despite a report in September from the GSA Office of the Inspector General that recommended the program be canceled. Responding to the OIG report, Hashmi referred to TDR as “one of the keys to achieving more modern business practices” and emphasized its pricing, security, and administrative benefits.

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