Tuesday Insight – February 28th, 2023: Entity Validations in SAM.gov

Apr 2, 2023

GSA recognize that many contractors are still experiencing delays in getting their entity registrations updated in SAM.gov. Extremely high demand by entities needing to update their entity registration at SAM.gov has created processing delays. While SAM.gov is working to address demand and improve response times to, should you need help with the SAM.gov entity registration process, please contact the supporting Federal Service Desk (FSD). FSD hosts a wealth of information in a searchable knowledge base, can assist with most issues, and should be the first resource in almost all cases.

Escalating Entity Validation

If your entity validation issue becomes time or mission-sensitive and you have an active MAS contract, you can ask the MAS PMO to escalate your ticket. To do so, please contact the MAS PMO at maspmo@gsa.gov with the following information:

  • An active entity validation ticket from Federal Service Desk i.e. FSD.gov.
  • Entity Legal Business Name
  • Entity UEI (optional, if available)
  • Description of urgency (pending/past-due payment, pending award, pending bid, grant funds withheld, etc.)
  • Brief description of assistance needed or problem experienced

TGG is now offering SAM Entity Validation assistance, so contact your TGG consultant or reach out to us at info@gormgroup.com or at 202-833-1120.

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