GSA OASIS+ RFP Change and Delay

May 5, 2023

Due to an April 21, 2023 Court of Federal Claims ruling related to the GSA Polaris procurement indicated that GSA interpreted Section 876 of the 2018 Defense Authorization Act to broadly and as a result GSA will now need to make a significant change to the OASIS+ procurement.  Last week during the Coalition for Government Procurement’s Spring Conference GSA told vendors that the OASIS+ requirements would now need to include a pricing proposal due to the court ruling. GSA indicated that the agency is working to determine the new pricing proposal requirements now and that the solicitation would be released in late May or early June 2023.

GSA’s strategy with the OASIS+ proposal was intended to not consider price or not have price as an evaluation factor in the final RFP, however with this ruling GSA acknowledged during the conference that they would need to pivot and include a price evaluation factor in the final RFP.  The Court decision as it stood appeared would only allow for labor hour-based task orders if there were no price evaluation factor included in the contract. Under the current OASIS contract agencies are largely ordering fixed price or cost reimbursement solutions, so GSA determined that the change for the OASIS+ was needed.

GSA is determining the next steps forward and may try to mirror how pricing was determined reasonable under the existing OASIS contract. TGG will continue to track the progress of the new RFP and all possible changes being included in the RFP.

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