Summary of GSA MAS Refresh 16 Changes – Released May 19, 2023

May 22, 2023

GSA released the GSA MAS solicitation Refresh 16 on May 19, 2023 via email to all GSA Schedule holders as Mass Mod A856.  As a reminder Mass Modifications are administrative modifications that occur whenever the solicitation has been updated with new regulatory changes. GSA requires that all schedule contractors, review and accept the new and existing terms and conditions of the latest solicitation. Note the acceptance of GSA Mass mods is done in the GSA Mass Modification system and not through the GSA eMod system, the email notification sent out on the refresh will also provide a link to follow to accept Mass Mod A856.  Please accept as soon as possible and if there are any questions please call your TGG consultant or reach out to us at or at 202-833-1120.

Summary of Refresh 16 Changes – Find the full significant changes document for Refresh 16 here

  • Joint Ventures – Implementation of new Joint Venture policy, new offers only.
  • Size Standards – Incorporation of SBA Small Business Size Standards which went into effect on March 17, 2023. The threshold for some NAICS that are measured by employee business size changed.
  • Wage Determinations – Incorporation of updated Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS) Wage Determinations. A complete set of incorporated WDs can be found at the following link: There are no clause changes or policy changes to the application of SCLS at this time.
  • Price Proposal Template (PPT) – Refresh 16 includes changes to the primary Price Proposal Templates.
    • Offer and Modification Products Price Proposal Templates
      • Supporting Invoice or Document Number (Initial submittal) and Page Location columns added to align with the Offer and Modification Services and Training Price Proposal Templates.
    • Modification Products & Services and Training Price Proposal Templates
      • Templates now include a Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) tab and Non-TDR tab for Economic Price Adjustments.
    • Offer and Modification Products & Services and Training Price Proposal Templates
      • Instructional language related to joint venture offerors added to the Read Me First tab.
      • Revising column header, Difference in GSA Price (exclusive of IFF) and MFC Price (%) to Difference between GSA Discount and MFC Discount (%).
  • Incorporate clause and provision updates, as necessary, through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2023-02 and GSAR Change 164.
  • Changes to Specific Large Category, Subcategory or SIN:
    • IT – If you are looking to get the Health IT Services SIN, 54151HEAL, or Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM) SIN, 517410, your project experience must have been completed within the last two years. Previously, GSA allowed projects completed within the last three years.
    • Facilities – The instructions for SIN 561210FAC, Facilities Maintenance and Management, received minor updates in order to match the terminology of the SIN Subgroups on GSA eLibrary. Additionally, reference to “Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) was also removed from SIN 541690E, Energy Services.
    • Industrial Products – GSA updated the Hardware Catalog SIN 332510C to remove reference to an incorrect statement.
    • Travel – GSA added a definition of “meals” to the corresponding attachment for SIN 561599L, Lodging Negotiations and Management Services. GSA updated the Category Specific Attachment for SIN 561510L, and GSA added additional elements such as MFC, Service Description, GSA Rate excluding IFF to the required SIN specific price proposal template under the Travel Large Category.
    • Mail Management – GSA revised the description of SIN 561499M, expanding the scope of the SIN to include keywords and enhanced descriptions of existing services (i.e., Intelligent Mail Barcoding, Mail Tracking, Address Management, and Postage Meter) to help customer agencies find these services more easily when performing market research.
    • Transportation and Logistics Services – In addition to the PPT changes noted above, GSA added clarification language to the Package Delivery SIN 492110 to specify that Truckload Freight services should be offered under GSA’s Freight Management Program. GSA also added additional elements such as Most Favored Customer (MFC), Service Description, GSA Rate excluding Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) to the required SIN specific price proposal templates under the Transportation and Logistics Services Large Category.
    • Packaged Office Furniture -The Maximum Order Threshold (MOT) will be reduced from $5 Million to $250,000 for the SINs listed below:
      • SIN 337121P Packaged Household Dormitory and Quarters Furniture
      • SIN 337127P International Packaged Furniture
      • SIN 33721P Packaged Office Furniture
      • SIN 339113P Packaged Healthcare Furniture


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