FAQs for VA FSS Transition to GSA’s SRP

Jul 10, 2023

Question Answer
Why is VA moving sales reporting to GSAs FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP)? VA FSS is transitioning the reporting of sales and remittance of the IFF over to the new GSA’s FAS Sales Reporting Portal.  This will standardize GSA and VA sales reporting processes by using the same modernized IT infrastructure that will simplify sales reporting and IFF payment process. The goal of this transition is to provide a streamlined process under one robust and modern system.
Will contractors have to report monthly sales data in the FAS Sales Reporting Portal? No, VA FSS contractors will still report sales and remit IFF on a quarterly basis. The only difference is they will be reporting sales in the FAS Sales Reporting Portal rather than in the VA Sales Reporting System.
Will only authorized points of contact listed on the VA contract have access to the FAS Sales Reporting Portal? Yes, The FAS Sales Reporting Portal supports role-based access as one of its features. In addition to individual authentication and authorization, VA FSS users are assigned specific roles and permissions, which allow the user to perform very specific actions within the system.
Where do I go for help once the transition has taken place? VSC help desk for technical assistance


How to reach the VSC help center staff:

Toll Free: 877-495-4849 or


How can I view the new FAS Sales Reporting Portal System prior to the transition? You can watch the short tutorial videos posted at the FAS SRP Training site. This will give you a great head start and look into the new system. Note that only the quarterly applications will apply to VA FSS.
How can I prepare for this transition? The VA will be sending out emails to contractors that hold Federal Supply Schedules contracts. The emails will explain the process and what needs to take place as we transition from one system to the other. The best way to prepare for this transition would be to make sure all your POC’s listed on your contract are up to date and accurate. This can be accomplished by reaching out to your Contracting Officer to confirm the POC information and then submitting any required documentation to make any necessary changes.
Will all of my data flow over to the new FAS Sales Reporting Portal? Yes, all of the past data will be transitioned over to the new FAS Sales Reporting Portal and will be visible over the coming months. This transition of historical data will happen after the final sales are reported and IFF remitted in the legacy VA Sales Reporting System. Please make sure sales reporting is kept current during CY23 so that sales information can be transferred in a timely manner.
After the transition, how can contractors adjust sales which were reported in the  legacy VA Sales Reporting System? Contractors will be able to adjust quarterly sales for past reporting periods in the FAS Sales Reporting Portal once the historical data has been migrated.   Reminder, no quarter is exempt from sales reporting, even zero sales must be reported for the applicable quarter.

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