Off the Shelf – June 8th, 2023: A GSA Acquisition Policy Update

Jeff Koses, senior procurement executive at the General Services Administration, joined host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf to give an update on GSA’s key acquisition policy priorities, including the latest on transactional data reporting (TDR), economic price adjustments (EPAs), Ability One, the end of the COVID emergency declaration and its impact on procurement and the acquisition workforce.

Koses provided the background, performance results and rationale for TDR as a natural evolution in an internet- and data-driven commercial market.

He also identified areas where GSA’s implementation of TDR can and will improve over time, and explains how TDR supports small businesses by reducing barriers to entry and contract administration costs.

Koses also gives an update on Ability One and its role in the federal market.

Listen to the Interview Here

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