Off the Shelf – May 30th, 2023: Best-in-Class IDIQs: A Deep Dive

Brian Friel, co-founder of BD Squared, joins Off the Shelf for a wide-ranging update on the leading governmentwide, Best-in-Class IDIQ contract programs.

Friel analyzes the recent Polaris bid protest decision addressing the applicability of “Section 876” to the cost evaluation for MAIDIQ contracts, and he shares his thoughts on how GSA will likely proceed in modifying its cost evaluation approach for the Polaris procurement as well as the potential implications other major IDIQ procurements, including OASIS+.

The Polaris decision also found fault in the approach to the evaluation of joint ventures (mentor-protégé) arrangements and Friel shares his views on the impact and potential evaluation adjustments GSA and other agencies will make in moving forward.

He also gives an  update on the current state of play with regard to OASIS+, NIH’s CIO-SP4, and NASA SEWP VI.

Finally,  Friel notes that the FBI is undertaking a major FSS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) competition (FBI IT-SSS 2) using a scorecard evaluation methodology.

Listen to Full Interview Here

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