Off the Shelf – July 5th, 2023: Procurement Trends in 2023

Jason Miller, executive editor of Federal News Network, joins Off the Shelf for a wide-ranging discussion of the key procurement events/trends over the first half of 2023.

Miller discusses the current state of transactional data reporting and the slow roll towards implementation, and shares his thoughts on the impact of the Polaris bid protest decision limiting the use of Section 876 for “unpriced contracts” the focus on competition at the task order level.

Miller also talks about the interaction between DoD and Congress in developing/drafting the NDAA—with positive outlook regarding the engagement between the two branches of government.

He also discusses the recent “60 Minutes” segment focusing on DoD procurement and pricing.

Finally Miller provides additional context on the highly complex, multi-faceted defense procurement system and its impact on competition and pricing.

Listen to the Full Interview Here

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