GSA MAS Joint Venture Requirements for Current JV Entities – July 25th, 2023

Jul 25, 2023

With the release of Solicitation Refresh 17, GSA has extended the MAS JV requirements in Refresh 16 to MAS JVs awarded prior to Refresh 16. Please see the JV Solicitation Attachment – Refresh 17 and the below for more details.

Instructions for existing JV MAS contractors:

After accepting the Refresh 17 mass modification, Joint Ventures (JV) awarded MAS Contracts prior to the issuance of MAS Solicitation Refresh 16 on 05/19/23 are required to complete the following actions in order to conform with MAS requirements for JV entities.

  • Complete and submit the JV Solicitation Attachment through eMod via a Revise Terms and Conditions modification. The JV Solicitation document is attached.
  • Ensure all documents required by the JV Solicitation Attachment (including amendments) are submitted to GSA, for example:
    • SBA approved Mentor-Protege Agreement
    • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Resubmit Price Proposal Templates (PPTs) that identify which JV partner provides the awarded products and services.
  • Submit an updated draft Authorized FSS price list that includes the contract information/disclosures required by the JV Solicitation Attachment and the MAS solicitation provision, SCP-FSS-001, Instructions to All Offerors.

GSA will issue a bilateral contract modification to incorporate related changes.

If you wish to request additional products and/or services to be provided/performed by a JV Partner, please submit a separate Add Products, Add Labor Category and/or Add Service Offerings modification request. Please ensure you address and/or submit all requirements in the MAS modification guide for proposing additional products and/or services under the SINs currently applicable to your awarded contract in addition to addressing the JV specific modification requirements.

Prior to submitting any Revised Terms and Conditions modification requests, please review the MAS solicitation provision, SCP-FSS-001 for guidance on how the standard MAS instructions apply to JV entities as well as the Industry FAQs for JV entities which are published on the MAS Roadmap.

If you have any questions contact your TGG consultant directly or TGG at 202-833-1120 or via email at

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