More Details about the GSA FAS Catalog Platform Transition

Sep 6, 2023

This post contains more information about when Authorized Negotiators can expect to move to the FAS Catalog Platform (FCP). As a reminder, the FCP is the planned replacement for the Schedule Input Program (SIP) and is currently being piloted by a subset of contractors holding the OS4 SIN. To learn more about the FCP, visit

Due to the pilot’s success, GSA intends to start moving more contracts to the FCP in November 2023. Moving all MAS contracts will be a multi-year effort.

  • For contracts only containing products: The FCP is currently designed to support product catalogs. If you offer 100% products published to GSA Advantage! for purchasing, see below for more details about product catalog transition.
  • For contracts only containing services: The FCP is being enhanced to manage MAS services. Most service providers will transition in FY25+. To learn more about services, please see our Interact post about the new Service File.
  • For contracts containing both products & services: These catalogs will not transition until the FCP has been enhanced to manage services and will follow a similar timeline as service catalogs.

Note: ALL contractors should continue to manage their catalogs through SIP or EDI until they receive an email with explicit information about their contract being eligible for the FCP. 

Authorized Negotiators can expect to receive communications ~60 days prior to their transition date. Once you receive that communication, you will be required to complete and close any open modifications before transitioning to the FCP.  Contractors will receive an “opt out” form if they cannot complete the necessary actions required to participate in the FCP at the identified time of transition.

100% Product Catalogs Published to GSA Advantage!: The goal is to transition all of these catalogs in FY24 with the following exceptions:

Exception Factor Impact to Transition Timeline
Contracts using Zonal Pricing Will not transition until the system is enhanced to manage zonal pricing.
Contracts containing 4PL SIN Will not transition until additional functionality is added to address 4PL SIN.
Contracts having a GSA-BPA based on them and currently managed thru SIP and/or published to GSA Advantage! Will not transition until additional functionality is added to address BPA workflows.
Multiple contracts falling under single UEI Will be moved on a case-by-case basis. If you currently have multiple contracts and have questions about your timeline for transition, please reach out to us at
Contracts with an upcoming five-year option period May be delayed until the Option has been processed.
Contracts that have an ultimate expiration date before September 2025 Will not transition.

Prioritizing Product Catalogs: We will prioritize contractors who:

  • Indicated “I want to move as soon as possible” on the transition form (note: the form is still accepting new responses)
  • Publish 100% to GSA Advantage! for purchasing (vs. publishing products as text file).
  • Currently use SIP, followed by contractors using EDI-832 or consultants.

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