2023 Expiring Small Business Subcontracting Plan and Subcontract Reporting Reminder

Oct 2, 2023

GSA has emailed out reminders to all GSA Schedule large business contractors holding a Commercial Small Business Subcontracting Plan that expire on December 31, 2023.  All large business vendors must submit a new follow-on plan and per FAR 19.704 vendors are required to submit the new subcontracting plan at least 30 working days before the end of your company’s fiscal year to ensure approval before your previous plan expires. Since most subcontracting plans require GSA more than 30 days to review and approve, GSA is encouraging vendors to submit a new plan as soon as possible to ensure timely award and incorporation into your contract before the previous plan expires.  However if you are working with another federal agency to negotiate the Commercial Small Business Subcontracting Plan for the next fiscal year, please reply to the reminder GSA email with a copy of the submitted plan attached and provide the name of the person you are working with including an email address and agency name.

Commercial and Individual Small Business Subcontracting Reporting

Summary Subcontract Reports (SSRs) for Commercial Subcontract Reports must be submitted annually for the twelve-month period ending September 30 outlining all subcontracting activity under your General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. Note if your company holds an Individual Subcontract Plan an Individual Subcontract Report (ISR) must also be submitted at this time.  Reporting for both types as plans is done through the eSRS reporting system.  This year the due date of both the SSRs and ISRs was extended to November 9, 2023 (standard due date normally is October 30, 2023).

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