Tuesday Insight – October 3rd, 2023: Federal Acquisition Service’s New Structure Seeks to Break Down Long-Held Fiefdoms

Oct 17, 2023

Over the last 18 months, the General Services Administration has been asking some hard questions, mostly about itself.

What does the Federal Acquisition Service need to look like? Does the current regional structure make sense anymore? A group of leaders and employees delved into a host of other questions in an attempt to design the future of FAS.

Sonny Hashmi, the commissioner of FAS, said the new path the working group has charted for the organization is entirely focused on serving agency and industry customers much differently than ever before.

“In a few weeks’ time, we’re going to be transitioning into a new organizational structure where major organizations within FAS, including the Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) and the Office of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement (CASE) are going to be aligned to customer segments. Now we’re going to have teams that are fully aligned to a customer’s mission. That team and the customer will be working closely together and are going to be purely focused on achieving mission outcomes that our customer cares about,” Hashmi said in an exclusive interview with Federal News Network. “I’m confident that over time this is going to lead to better service delivery and access to talent and opportunities within the organization for people who are looking for the next step in their careers.”

The new FAS will no longer be separated by regions and will not be organized by teams serving their customers, whether it’s one team working with the Army, its largest one, or one team working with several smaller customers.

Hashmi said FAS employees will not change their work locations nor will they change what they do day in, day out.

“By bringing all these teams together, they’re supporting the Army as one unit. Now they can do more capacity management. They can support the mission in a broader way. And the Army will have one team that they can continue to work with for all of their mission requirements across the globe,” he said. “That’s just one example on how by bringing these teams together we’re going to be able to deliver better outcomes for our customers, but also develop better internal expertise to really understand the customer’s mission and actually do much more flexible staffing and capacity planning.”

Read More and Listen to Interview Here

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