Tuesday Insight – October 30th, 2023: Is Your GSA Contract Eligible for Transition to the New FAS Catalog Platform?

Nov 21, 2023

GSA has begun to notify eligible Schedule holders that are eligible for transition to the new FAS Catalog Platform (FCP), this will be GSA’s modern replacement for the Schedule Input Program (SIP). The FCP is a new application that GSA hopes will streamline the process for modifying contracts and updating GSA Advantage! The FCP integrates with eMod, automates publishing to GSA Advantage!, provides an embedded Compliance & Pricing market research report, sends automated system notifications, (watch a demo).

Contractors interested in participating in FCP should read the following GSA statements carefully to ensure they understand the expectations of participation. For GSA MAS contract holder that do not with  at this time, GSA has requested that this opt out form be completed.

GSA FAS FCP Statements

GSA will require all participating vendors to agree to the following statements:

  • I understand I need to complete and close all open modifications and complete any corresponding catalog actions at least 1 week prior to my identified transition date.
    • Any modifications not yet submitted for GSA review will be deleted 1 week prior to transition.
    • Any modifications pending review will prevent your contract’s transition and your contract will not move to FCP.
  • I understand anyone carrying the Authorized Negotiator role can register for the FCP and will see their catalogs listed as of the contract’s eligibility date.
  • I understand I am expected to validate my seller profile within the first 10 days of FCP access. I understand GSA encourages submitting the Seller Profile action as soon as I have system access.
  • I understand I am expected to initiate my baseline modification within the first 30 days of approval of my seller profile.
  • I understand that I will not be able to complete any catalog-related modifications in eMod until my FCP baseline modification has been approved and published.
  • I understand that I can not submit any new Temporary Price Reductions until my Baseline Action is approved and published.
  • I understand that any active Temporary Price Reductions (TPRs) will remain on GSA Advantage! while my baseline action is being processed, and that active TPRs will be canceled when:
    • The predefined date for expiration is hit, or
    • The Baseline action is published. When published, active TPRs will be canceled and vendors can proceed to eMod/FCP to establish new TPRs.
  • I understand that the FAS Catalog Platform Minimum Viable Product (MVP) does not support the following. If my participation in any of these changes, I will notify the Catalog Management team immediately:

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