Tuesday Insight – January 2nd, 2024: GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service Achieves $100 Billion Status

Jan 12, 2024

For the first time ever, the Federal Acquisition Service in the General Services Administration topped $100 billion in revenue last fiscal year.

That is $10 billion more than FAS brought in during fiscal 2022.

Tom Howder, the current deputy and soon-to-be acting commissioner of FAS, said the revenue numbers only tell part of the FAS success story.

“We continue to grow all over the place. $6 billion in savings that we produced for the American taxpayer through our various programs. And here’s a percentage for your 46%. That’s the percentage of dollars fast awarded that would be eligible small businesses. So for the 13th consecutive year, GSA has earned an A or A+ from the Small Business Administration in terms of our small business utilization. So lots of success there,” Howder said during a recent ACT-IAC webinar. “I would also mention with the Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS), the obligations were also at $18 billion, and obligations are an indicator of future revenue. We’re going into the [new] year strong with AAS going to continue to grow. But that wasn’t the only place that we had successes; our general supplies and services had an outstanding year as well, really aggressive growth centered on the retail operations front, especially. But also the requisition channels are growing, especially as the needs for the Department of Defense have increased over the last couple of years. And we’ve taken advantage of that and help them out as well.”

Howder said reaching the $100 billion mark was surprising to some extent, but FAS has continually seen an increase in sales over the past decade.

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