Tuesday Insight – April 2nd, 2024: Attention VA Schedule Holders Sales Reporting Now Live under the GSA Sales Reporting Portal (SRP)

Apr 2, 2024

The VA announced that its transition into the Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) has gone live effective April 1, 2024. So, moving forward, all VA clients will need to report their sales via SRP similar to how GSA contract holders. In reviewing the system this morning and talking with the VA last week, however, there will be some differences between VA and GSA contracts in SRP.

The VA confirmed that their contract management system does not currently have any field for Authorized Negotiators. So, unlike with GSA contracts, the only client personnel that can access the reporting function in SRP must have be listed as the Sales POC, the Primary POC, or the “alternate” POC on the contract.

Below is some key information:

Existing VA Sales Portal Users:

  • If you had an account on the previous VA Sales Portal, your user account has been automatically migrated to the new SRP.
  • Simply visit SRP and click the “Contractor Login” button to access SRP with your previous/existing login credentials.

New Users:

  • If you are a new user, follow these steps to create your SRP account:
  1. Visit SRP to start the registration process.
  2. Click the blue “Register” button and complete the following prompts to complete the registration process, providing the necessary information.
  3. Once registered, you can log in to the SRP using the “Contractor Login” button.

Historic Sales Data Migration:

  • GSA/VA has successfully migrated over all historical data under the VA FSS program. The historical contract data previously stored in the legacy VA Sales Reporting System now resides in the new SRP.
  • This will allow you to access your past sales records, make adjustments to previous sales reports, and submit reports for any previously unreported quarters.

IFF Credits and Debit Balances:

  • The SRP will reflect any positive or negative Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) due balance over the life of your contract.
    • Positive balances (credits) will be automatically applied against future IFF due balances.
    • Negative or past due balances (debits) will be presented for resolution when submitting subsequent sales reports in the system.
  • Important: If you believe any credit/debit balance shown is incorrect, please reach out to your assigned Contract Specialist (CS) for further assistance.

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