Jun 21, 2024

NASA released Amendment 3 to the SEWP VI RFP yesterday (June 24th, 2024). The deadline for proposals has been extended to 12:00 EDT, Thursday, July 25th, 2024. This is an additional two weeks beyond the original deadline of Thursday, July 11th. Other updates to documents in Amendment 3 have been minor and have only corrected previously existing errors:

  1. Exhibit 4 – NAICS Crosswalk has been updated to reflect the changes to in-scope NAICS codes made in Exhibit 1. All offerors should update to the new Exhibit 4 template.
  2. Attachment J – C_SCRM Attestation Form has been updated to correct the form-fill errors that have existed since the initial release of the RFP. Offerors should update to the new form. Please note that this attachment is not required to submit with the proposal package but is instead submitted post-award. Please also note that this is not the same document as the Exhibit 5 – C_SCRM Attestation Form, which should be submitted with your proposal.

Last week NASA had also released Amendment 2 which was issued June 18th, 2024.  The only changes as part of Amendment 2 were error corrections to the Past Performance Questionnaire templates for categories B and C. Both documents were introduced in Amendment 1. As before, it is not required for offerors to update to the new template if previous versions of the questionnaires have already been used, but offerors should consider sending an updated version to customers that have not yet responded to NASA with a completed questionnaire.

NASA’s summary of the changes and RFP updates can be found at the page for SEWP VI.

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