Tip of the Month NEW: GSA Advantage & GSA Global Supply Combined Delivery Scorecards for Schedule Product Vendors – July 2024

Jul 9, 2024

Going forward GSA based on changes made to GSA Scorecards the Delivery Metrics Scorecards will look a little different.

Monthly Distributions

The GSA Supplier Accountability Office has combined the Advantage Order Status and the GSA Global Supply (GGS) Scorecard emails into one, easy to decipher scorecard message. You will now receive one Scorecard email that will either confirm you are passing the minimum required metrics, or inform you of an action required for a failing metric. The action is a required response that includes the reason(s) for the failing metric and a remediation strategy.

Emails will be distributed the third Friday of each month and will include all applicable order lines from the prior full month.

All MAS and Global Supply contractors that sell products on Advantage or through GGS will receive a scorecard. If you have both MAS and Global Supply orders, you will receive one email per contract number with both scorecards and line item details attached.

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