Tuesday Insight – June 4th, 2024: GSA Schedule MAS Refresh 21 (A883) Released to All Contract Holders

Jul 9, 2024

Please see the below updates within Refresh 21 (Mass Mod A883), see the attached documents that explain the changes to the solicitation.

Mass Modifications are administrative modifications that occur whenever the solicitation has been updated with new regulatory changes. GSA requires that all schedule contractors, review and accept the new and existing terms and conditions of the latest solicitation.

Changes to Overall MAS Solicitation:

  1. Implement minor revision to SCP-FSS-001 Instructions Applicable to All Offerors
    1. a. Revise (i)(1)(iv) to:

i. Clarify that the 12-month waiting period and additional documentation requirements apply to Joint Venture partners who held a previous Schedule contract that was canceled/allowed to expire due to low or no sales or noncompliance.

    1. a. Note: The types of books, documents, papers and records shall include but are not be limited to:

– Eligible users of the GSA Sources of Supply and Services, as defined by OGP 4800.2I and/or subsequent orders,
– Basis of Award customers, 552.238-81 Price Reductions, and 552.238-80 Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting,
– Verifying CSP-1 Form accuracy and completeness, GSA MAS Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs), and Authorized Dealers incorporated into the MAS contract by the Contracting Officer.

  1. Add 4 new optional TDR Data Elements
    1. The below new optional TDR Data Elements will be added to Alternate I of GSAR 552.238-80, INDUSTRIAL FUNDING FEE AND SALES REPORTING. The reporting of these four additional TDR elements is OPTIONAL.

i. Order Date
ii. Ship Date
iii. Zip Code Shipped To
iv. Federal Customer – Treasury Agency Code

  1. Incorporate clause and provision updates, as necessary, through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2024-05 and GSAR Change 179.
    1. The focus of FAC 2024-05 is sustainable procurement.  FAR Case 2022-006, Sustainable Procurement resulted in a Final Rule effective May 22, 2024. While largely directed at agency buyers, TGG clients should understand the basics of the changes.  This Final Rule consolidates all regulations addressing sustainable procurement into FAR Part 23 and created a new contract clause FAR 52.223-23.

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