NASA SEWP VI RFP Drops – May 23rd, 2024

NASA today released the SEWP VI RFP and can be found here, the current RFP submission date is July 11th, 2024 by Noon EST.  The originally estimated timeline for submission was originally planned by NASA to be 60 days, but given the newly released due date vendors... read more

Tiffany Gaver Anniversary – April 2024

Principal Consultant, Tiffany Gaver has just reached her eighth anniversary with The Gormley Group! Congratulations, Tiffany and thanks for all your hard work! With over 15 years of government contracting experience, she is a tremendous asset for our clients and the... read more

Kazi Qureshi Anniversary – April 2024

TGG Consultant Kazi Qureshi has just reached his first anniversary with the Gormley Group! He is a tremendous asset for our clients and the company. Congratulations, Kazi and thanks for all your hard work! read more

GSA Announces OASIS+ Award Timeframes – April 15th, 2024

Last week, Tiffany Hixson, Assistant Commissioner of PSHC at GSA, spoke at the Coalition’s IT/Services Committee meeting. In her presentation, she provided the current schedule for OASIS+ contract awards. OASIS+ award contracts and issue Notice to Proceed (NTP) dates... read more

Off the Shelf: Opportunities in Federal Procurement Law

This week’s guest on Off the Shelf is Jessica Tillipman, associate dean for Government Procurement Law & Government Contracts Advisory Council Distinguished Professorial Lecturer in Government Contracts Law & Policy at The George Washington University Law... read more