TGG News

Sonia Pamepinto Anniversary – November 2022

The Gormley Group is proud to announce that Senior Consultant, Sonia Pamepinto has just reached her two-year anniversary with the Gormley Group. She is a huge asset for the company and our clients. Congratulations, Sonia and thanks for all your hard work!

Jeff Sherry Anniversary – December 2022

Jeff Sherry, Director of Business Development, has just reached his eight year anniversary with The Gormley Group. He has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and has been a fantastic performer for our company. Congratulations, Jeff and thanks for all...

TGG News – November 1st, 2022: Wade Prince has been named Chief Market Intelligence Officer

The Gormley Group is proud to announce that Wade Prince has been named our Chief Market Intelligence Officer. In this new role, he will manage the gathering and analyzing of government market data to create innovative approaches for generating and delivering timely and relevant information on new Government Contracting Market developments to our clients and industry.

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