GSA Schedule Consolidation and Modernization FAQs

FAQs about the GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) Consolidation


The General Services Administration has prepared a full pdf document of FAQs. If you would like to download that, click here. Below are additional questions and answers about the GSA Schedule Consolidation process prepared by The Gormley Group.

How will this affect the Veterans Affairs (VA’s) FAS Program?

VA is still operating under a delegation of authority from GSA. At this time, GSA does not expect that this consolidation will have an immediate effect on the VA Schedules.

As a Single Schedule holder will my contracting officer change?

At this time, GSA does not anticipate that a change in contracting officer will occur as a result of this consolidation.

Will Cooperative Purchasing now cross all SINs under this Consolidated Schedule?

No, the Cooperative Purchasing this program will not be extended beyond Schedule 70 (Information Technology) and Schedule 84 (Security and Law Enforcement). At this time GSA has no plans to pursue the necessary regulatory and legislative changes.

Will the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot Program be expanded to all SINs under this Consolidated Schedule?

No, under this Consolidated Schedule the SINs originally designated as TDR will remain the same.

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