GSA Schedule Consolidation

$30+ Billion GSA Multiple Award Schedule Consolidation


The new Consolidated Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation will revolutionize the selling and buying of commercial solutions! This restructured acquisition platform will be the “go-to buying source” within the Federal Marketplace!

GSA Schedule Consolidation Phasing

GSA has prioritized these upcoming initiatives based on what will provide the greatest value and the GSA Schedule Consolidation has been identified as the #1 priority. Consolidating the 24 individual schedules into one Schedule will eliminate the need for industry to deal with multiple schedules contracts, multiple contracting officers and multiple sets of terms and conditions. GSA is implementing this Consolidation in three Phases:

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the largest phase and is now complete. GSA reviewed all terms and conditions across schedules, isolating what terms and conditions are for all vendors and what are very specific to a category or subcategory. Also reviewed was SIN duplication and overlap. On October 1, 2019 The General Services Administration (GSA) released its Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation. The new solicitation modernizes federal acquisition by consolidating and streamlining the existing 24 Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) into a single Schedule for services, solutions and products.

The MAS Schedule has been released as a Solicitation Document that contains all terms and conditions for all contracts issued under the MAS Schedule. The services, solutions and products offered under the MAS Schedule have been broken down into 12 large categories, 83 subcategories and 316 Special Item Numbers (SINs) closely aligned to North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes.

Click here to view the 12 Categories and their subcategories.

The Gormley Group’s Federal Acquisition expertise is unmatched in the Industry having helped hundreds of companies secure and maintain their Schedule contracts. Since it was announced that GSA was consolidating its 24 solicitations into this MAS Solicitation, TGG has been following the progress very closely, responding to Requests for Information (RFIs) when GSA needed industry input and so we are conversant with the new contract. Let us put our experience, knowledge and successful skills to work for you to identify where your services, solutions and products belong under the MAS Schedule and provide our tremendous domain credibility and knowledge to help you pursue a single-entry point into a multi-billion-dollar market.

Phase 2

GSA will issue a Mass Mod in January 2020 to all vendors holding a single GSA schedule contract.  This Mass Mod will migrate contractors to the new terms and conditions under their new GSA Schedule contract, keeping the same contract number, existing task orders and BPA’s.  Contractors will have until July 2020 to accept this Mass Mod.  As part of this consolidation, contractors will be required to update their GSA Price Lists to include the new Special Item Number’s (SINs), however GSA states that there is no immediate requirement to update your posting on GSA Advantage! as too many updates in a short space of time will bog the system.

Phase 3

In July 2020 the GSA FAS Program Management Office (PMO) will begin working with those contractors that hold multiple schedule vehicles. The PMO will initiate the consolidation of these schedules by sending an email to set a one-on-one meeting to discuss contractor objectives and develop a consolidation plan. This process will be in accordance with the number of schedules vehicles involved and where those schedules are in their life cycle.  Once this plan is developed the contractor and, if needed the PMO, will communicate with all GSA Contracting personnel to accomplish the consolidation.