Digital Certificate Information for GSA Schedule Holders

Dec 31, 2015

To meet the government mandates on sustainability, the GSA Schedules have gone green to reduce their reliance on paper.  This means that GSA has mandated the usage of eOffer/eMod for all Schedule contracts and the submission of new offers. Paper Offers or modifications previously submitted via email through the Central Intake Desk (CID) are no longer being accepted.  All contractors must submit their Offer (proposals) and any contract modifications through GSA’s eMod/eOffer system at

A digital certificate is an electronic credential that:

  1. asserts the identity of an individual;
  2. enables eOffer/eMod to verify the identity of the individual entering the system and signing documents;
  3. encrypts or decrypts data to ensure that it is securely transmitted;
  4. is a packet of information that is stored on a web browser or on a token; and
  5. creates a digital signature which is verifiable.

Download the full resource document on Digital Certificates here.

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