GSA’s Contractor Assessments

Mar 23, 2020

GSA’s Contractor Assessments 

As GSA contractor you can expect a review or “assessment” by a GSA official of the performance of your contract to ensure that the contractual requirements have been met.

The official is an “Industrial Operations Analyst” and GSA has a team of over forty IOA’s who conduct these assessments.

Note: the end-of-term review is more extensive there may be a request to review your BOA orders to verify compliance with the Price Reductions Clause.

These reviews can be annual if a contractor has significant sales and they are performed in the fourth month of a contractor’s basic contract and then later options, the end-of-term review.

These assessments are serious matters, and you should contact your Gormley Group consultant as soon as you have been contacted by the IOA.  Many of the initial contacts by the IOA are by telephone with a request to set an assessment date.  The date must be one that is mutually agreeable, and again, you should contact your consultant to review the document request and to discuss if the date scheduled for the assessment is acceptable.

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