MAS Modification Final Guidance

Mar 23, 2020

On March 6, 2020 announced that the MAS Modification Guidance was final and ready for use by contractors that have accepted the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod.

MAS Modification Guidance RFI Findings

The final MAS Modification Guidance was put together with industry’s feedback.

GSA received a total of 90 completed responses to our MAS Modification Guidance RFI from current Schedule holders and prospective contractors. Results show that:

  • Approximately 91 percent of participants agree the proposed guidance is clear and it’s easy to find the guidance for the different types of modifications.
  • 93 percent agree the proposed guidance will be a benefit to industry.
  • About 75 percent thought the price proposal template instructions were clear.
  • 60 percent of participants thought the price proposal template would not create additional burden.

GSA did a thorough review of all comments in order to make updates to the guidance. Based on the overall comments on the guidance, we made the following changes:

  • Minor updates to improve the flow of the document.
  • Added an executive summary and section explaining what to expect after modification request submission.
  • Further clarified requirements such as supporting pricing documentation, when to use Basis of Award vs. Most Favored Customer information, etc.

Based on the feedback provided by GSA’s industry partners, they made the following changes to the proposed price proposal templates for modifications:

  • Enhanced instructions for Price Proposal Template.
  • Added a glossary to the Price Proposal Template.
  • Added instructions for contractors with large catalogs.
  • Created sample Price Proposal Templates with examples of how different modifications are depicted.

GSA Received the following Frequently Asked Questions from the RFI

  1. How do contractors participate in the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot?

Contractors can opt to participate in TDR by submitting an eMod request. Please review the requirements for TDR on the Vendor Support Center carefully, as it is not possible to opt out of TDR once you opt in.

  1. Does a modification to participate in TDR need to be processed before a contractor can omit information related to the Basis of Award/Most Favored Customer (BOA/MFC) in the price proposal template/modification guidance?


  1. Does GSA intend to standardize the modification guidance according to North American Industry Specific Classification (NAICS) code and/or Special Item Number (SIN), or will the guidance be the same for all MAS contract holders? 

The MAS Modification Guidance will be the same for all MAS contract holders and will allow flexibility for Large Category, Subcategory, and SIN requirements.

  1. How is GSA ensuring consistent interpretation and application of MAS Modification Guidance by contracting personnel? 

Training will be ongoing for GSA’s internal workforce. GSA is looking to build consistency and continuously improve the modification process across the MAS program.

  1. Does a contractor have to perform market research when submitting the Price Proposal Template (PPT)?

No, but doing so may be in their best interest to ensure the pricing offered is competitive.

  1. What is the benefit of uploading the entire updated GSA Price List?

To facilitate comprehensive review of pricing and to ensure accuracy.

  1. Which Contracting Officer/Contracting Specialist (CO/CS) are we going to work with if we have multiple contracts?

You will continue to work with the CO/CS assigned to each contract.

The Gormley Group will continue to update our clients with any changes to the MAS Modification Guidance guidance.  In the meantime if you have any questions please contact your TGG Consultant or reach out to The Gormley Group on 202.833.1120 email or visit

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