Tuesday Insight – April 27th, 2021

Apr 29, 2021

New Look for Beta.SAM.gov Debuted Yesterday

The General Services Administration (GSA) posted a notice that an updated look and feel for beta.SAM.gov will be launched on April 26. The updated design features a new homepage, as well as changes to help pages and search functions. Each domain, such as contract opportunities and contract data reports, will have a dedicated landing page or starting point for users. Help and training resources related to each domain will be accessible from these landing pages. All help resources will be centralized at the Federal Service Desk, and the new help landing page will highlight the most popular help topics. The new search engine addresses issues that were raised by users, and is designed to make it easier to find and use advanced search filters. A new search can now be started from the menu bar of any page. To learn more about the new design, GSA has provided a Before and After Video and a Before and After Guide.

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