Tuesday Insight – July 12th, 2022: Modification to Schedule MAS Refresh 13 – Released as Mass Mod A847

Jul 15, 2022

GSA has been emailing authorized negotiators for those contractors holding GSA MAS contract regarding mass mod A847 during the past week. The changes include the addition/updated of FAR clauses, including Contractors that have not yet accepted the modification to incorporate FAR Clause 52.223-99 (October 2021 Deviation), Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors, into their contracts may now take exception to the clause. GSA is permitting exceptions to this clause so that these contracts can be modified to accept other critical updates to contract terms and conditions. Although GSA is not enforcing FAR clause 52.223-99 at this time, it remains in the MAS solicitation and contracts. Note, contractors that take exception to this clause may be required to accept the clause without exception, upon written notice, once any injunctions or litigation prohibiting enforcement or inclusion are removed.

GSA through Refresh 13 is also removing and adjusting SIN numbers. Here are the SINs being deleted from the GSA MAS Program:

  • SIN 561210FS Facilities Support Services – Read more about this change and TGG/GSA suggestions for transitioning SIN 561210FS to SIN 561210FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management.
  • SIN 541519CDM Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) – GSA will retire SIN 541519CDM and transition to a logo initiative that will broaden and highlight the CDM-approved hardware and software products/tools and associated services.

GSA is also making significant changes to SIN 518210C Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services. Read the GSA Significant Changes Document and Significant Changes Questions and Answers document for more details.

There will be 90 days to sign off on the Mass Modification so please reach out directly to your TGG consultant or contact us directly at 202-833-1120 or via email at info@gormgroup.com.

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