Tuesday Insight – GSA Extends Deadlines for Contractor Team Arrangement Modifications for the Packaged Furniture Schedule Subcategory

Oct 21, 2022

GSA announced the deadline to submit your Contractor Team Agreements (CTAs), to bring your contract into compliance with the new Packaged Furniture Subcategory requirements, has been extended to October 28, 2022. The previous deadline required the modifications to replace the formerly required Letters of Supply with CTA’s be approved by GSA the end of September 2022.


If you have already submitted your modification to incorporate all required CTAs you will receive an email notice from GSA about the deadline, which you can ignore.


Reach out to TGG or your TGG consultant directly for any help or assistance. Additional guidance and resources for the new requirements can also be found on the GSA Packaged Furniture Program – Industry Guidance and Resources page. The following resources and guide on how to submit the CTA’s available under the Industry Meeting Resources section:

• Packaged Furniture Subcategory Instructions
• Packaged Furniture Schedule Level Contractor Teaming Agreement
• Video Recording (March 23, 2022 Industry Meeting)
• Presentation Slides
• Frequently Asked Questions


After October 28, 2022, your previously held manufacturer Letter(s) of Supply will be invalid. Without a CTA, GSA contract may cancel contracts due to non-compliance.

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