Tuesday Insight – October 4th, 2022: Biden Signs Spending Bill that Averts Government Shutdown

Oct 21, 2022

President Biden has signed an interim funding bill to tide federal agencies over until mid-December.

The House passed the measure Friday by a vote of 230-201, with ten Republicans joining all Democrats in voting to keep the government open. The Senate had approved it on Thursday. Government spending power would have ended and required a shutdown on Saturday morning.

The continuing resolution maintains current levels of spending and extends funding through Dec. 16, giving both chambers extra time to hammer out details for a broader budget deal.

“This is common sense, bipartisan legislation,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on the floor Thursday before the upper chamber passed the bill 72-25. “I’m glad we came to a timely conclusion and didn’t go right up to the brink and risk a shutdown. Millions and millions of people can breathe easy knowing that we have done this in a timely way and the money to continue the government will be there.”

What’s in the bill

It includes $2.5 billion to aid communities devastated by natural disasters, $1 billion in funding a low-income home heating program, and $20 million in emergency to address the water crisis in Jackson, Miss. The bill also includes $12 billion in aid for Ukraine.

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