Tuesday Insight – November 28th, 2024: OASIS+ Initial Proposal Submission Period Closes – What Happens Next?

Jan 12, 2024

On October 20, 2023, GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories (PSHC) officially closed the initial proposal submission period for all six OASIS+ Request for Proposals (RFPs).

GSA thanks it’s industry partners and customer agencies for your support and commitment to help build FAS’s next generation best-in-class (BIC), multi-agency contract (MAC) program for complex, non-IT, services-based solutions.

GSA’s next steps and primary focus in FY 2024 will be on ensuring OASIS+ is “open for business.” That includes evaluating proposals, awarding contracts, publishing an OASIS+ Ordering Guide, and creating and scheduling OASIS+ overview and Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training.

Technical evaluations and awards will focus first on the OASIS+ Total Small Business offers since the legacy OASIS Small Business contract end date of December 19, 2024 is fast approaching. OASIS Unrestricted in contrast will expire on March 1, 2025. Our goal is to have ordering period overlaps between the two programs throughout the award phase to avoid unduly interrupting acquisition planning cycle times for our customer agencies.

The OASIS+ Program acquisition strategy includes reopening the solicitations for qualified offerors to submit proposals  following the initial tranche of contract awards. A notional timeline for when that may occur will be shared as we move through source selections, make awards, issue Notice(s) to Proceed (NTPs), etc.

In the meantime, OASIS+ prospective offerors are encouraged to:

  • Continue to monitor the OASIS+ Interact Page for program updates
  • Continue to monitor the OASIS+ Submission Portal (OSP) and emails because if clarifications are required, the OASIS+ team may be reaching out in the months to come

Finally, a reminder that the agency will post updates on this forum as they become available.

This program update has been posted on all six closed solicitations on SAM.gov at the links below:

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