Tuesday Insight – December 5th, 2023: GSA Federal Acquisition Service Top Impacts in Fiscal Year 2023

Jan 12, 2024

In FY23 as GSA FAS achieved record volume, encouraged strong competition, and excelled at making government work better for its customers and the American people. Here are four metrics that really jumped out for FY23:

  1. $100 billion–The amount in dollars that FAS helped federal agencies (our customers) buy in goods and services to help them deliver on their missions. Over $20 billion of the total were dollars that FAS awarded directly through our contracts.
  2. $6 billion–The savings realized by using FAS acquisition vehicles compared to commercial alternatives and other non-GSA government-wide acquisition vehicles.
  3. $183 million–FAS awarded $183 million in contracts through the AbilityOne program supporting employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities.
  4. 46%–The percent of those dollars that FAS awarded to eligible small businesses – a new record! I’m proud to say that nearly half of FAS’ spending for FY23 went to small businesses, helping GSA earn an A+ from the Small Business Administration. This was the 13th consecutive year GSA has earned a grade of “A” or higher.

Through our recruiting efforts, we have achieved a 64% contracting professionals hiring rate, nearly three times higher than the previous year.

Additionally, GSA would like to highlight that they are increasing efficiencies in our business operations leading to faster award cycles, increasing value for our customers, as measured by the Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) to under 50 days.

When combined together, these metrics reflect a historically high level of successes for GSA FAS and are a result of a multi-year effort to increase organizational performance.  GSA continues to invest in policy changes, burden reduction, customer experience improvements, automation, data driven insights, and a continuous focus on customer service and delivery.

GSA is now we’re staying focused on acquisition excellence, growing and expanding our workforce’s capacity, and making it even easier to do business with GSA FAS. We want our GSA FAS acquisition vehicles to lead the way in creating a thriving, innovative, compliant and equitable marketplace where American businesses can succeed in offering innovative products and services, and Federal agencies can deliver for their constituents more effectively and efficiently.

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