New SIN Subgroup for 518210DC- “NARA-Compliant Digitization Services for Federal Records” – February 2024

Feb 28, 2024

From the GSA MAS Office Management Category – NARA recently published digitization regulations for permanent records. This Subgroup under 518210DC allows contractors to better highlight to agencies that they have the capabilities in order to meet their records digitization requirements. Agencies can also target this SIN Subgroup in eBuy when posting RFIs/RFQs. If you meet the conditions in order to add this subgroup, we highly suggest you do so!

Instructions for adding this subgroup are attached. They are also found on the MAS Scope and Templates page, under the Office Management section’s Document Services subcategory. Starting sometime in January that link will redirect you to a new page. When that happens, scroll down to the SIN table on the new page and search for “518210DC” in the filter box to view the instructions document.

Please note:

  • Only vendors that have capabilities offered/awarded under SIN 518210DC that meet NARA’s digitization requirements for BOTH temporary and permanent records are able to add this SIN subgroup for SIN 518210DC. By adding this SIN Subgroup, contractors are self-certifying they meet NARA’s digitization requirements/standards for temporary AND permanent records.
  • Contractors under SIN 518210DC who wish to be added to the “NARA Compliant Digitization Services for Federal Records” SIN subgroup are required to review and reference NARA’s Digitization Regulations for Temporary Records (36 CFR Part 1236 Subpart D) and Permanent Records (36 CFR Part 1236 Subpart E) — copies of which are also included in the MAS Scope and Templates webpage in the same section as the above-mentioned instructions.
  •  If you need more information or have questions about NARA’s Digitization Regulations, please contact NARA via


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