Tuesday Insight – February 6th, 2024: A Contract Modification is required for Joint Ventures Awarded Prior to MAS Refresh 16

Feb 28, 2024

Reminder: As per mass modification A863, Joint Ventures (JV) awarded MAS contracts prior to May 19, 2023 must complete and submit a modification request via eMod to conform with the JV specific requirements outlined in MAS Solicitation Refresh 16. The modification request must include the following:

  • JV Solicitation Attachment, and all documents required by the attachment (as applicable)
  • A Price Proposal Template (PPT) that identifies which JV partner provides the awarded service
  • A draft authorized FSS price list that includes the required JV information/disclosures as well as updated Labor Category and Service Descriptions

The modification request must be submitted prior to the Spring 2024 MAS solicitation refresh. 

JVs that wish to submit technical or pricing modification requests, or are being evaluated for an upcoming option exercise prior to the Spring 2024 MAS solicitation refresh, are required to submit the conformance modification request in advance of the technical/pricing modification request/option exercise.

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