Key Trends in Audits and Investigations – June 2024

This week on Off the Shelf , Jonathan Aronie, partner at Sheppard Mullin, updates his leukemia journey since his last appearance on the show. He is now back to work full-time and as such the conversation quickly turns to key trends in investigations and audits.

Aronie outlines the spectrum of “reviews, investigations, and audits” that are part of doing business with the federal government. He continues with his analysis of the oversight spectrum by outlining the key features associated risks for contractors when dealing with GSA’s Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) reviews, audits, and investigations.

As part of a wide-ranging discussion, Aronie shares best practices and key considerations for contractors dealing with investigations and audits.

Among other topics, Jonathan gives his thoughts on the role contractor self-initiated internal reviews/investigations can have in mitigating risk.

Finally, the discussion concludes with a focus on how of GSA’s legislative proposal addressing “best value” in the federal supply schedules will increase competition, leverage commercial innovation, and deliver enhanced mission support to customer agencies.

Listen to the Full Interview Here

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