Tuesday Insight – June 18th, 2024: GSA IDIQ Update: Status of Alliant3, Polaris, and OASIS+

Jul 9, 2024

Three critical GSA Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contracts are all at different stages of development, though communication on just one of them is reasonably clear and consistent.  The OASIS+ team routinely updates its Interact page, including three times in May alone.  This is in keeping with the extensive industry outreach OASIS+ officials did prior to the issuance of the RFP.  All offers are now under consideration for that new vehicle.

In the meantime, Interact updates for POLARIS and Alliant3 have been less frequent and their next steps somewhat opaque.  The POLARIS site says only that “Polaris offers remain under evaluation. Awards are planned to begin in FY24. GSA will provide status updates as applicable on Sam.gov,” a message that has now been repeated three times in nearly four months.  The POLARIS office has been prodded to provide even that basic information.  All POLARIS pre-award protests have reportedly been resolved, so it may just be a matter of time before awards, which themselves will be protested, are announced.  The last Alliant3 Interact update is nearly 2 months old, recommending that all potential offerors update their SAM.gov registrations.  The Alliant3 team is reportedly getting a new addition, which may explain some of the delays.  The agency can still meet its stated 3rd quarter RFP deadline if it can get the solicitation on the street in the next three weeks.  The timeframe remains tight if the agency is to get Alliant3 contracts awarded before the current Alliant2 contracts expire, making timing and communication of added importance.

These three contract vehicles will likely account for billions of dollars in acquisitions, making them an important part of the IT and professional services market.

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